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"Neurotrauma, in many countries and particularly in the younger age group kills more people than AIDS or cancer but unlike these diseases the causes are known and it is preventable. The costs to communities in terms of suffering and economics are enormous. The common causes are road traffic accidents, falls and violence. Neurotrauma affects particularly the developing world where it consumes already over stretched health resources. In the developed world steps to reduce the incidence of neurotrauma and to treat the victims have had some effect nevertheless it stills remains an endemic problem which does not receive the public awareness or the political support it deserves"...


"For the victims there is general agreement on the principles of clinical management but often difficulties in applying early and effective care in countries with the greatest need because of shortage of facilities and expertise. To reduce the overall burden of neurotrauma demands actions which extend from the political to basic patient care. There have been remarkable advances in the understanding of acute brain and spinal cord injury and encouraging possibilities for effective neuroprotection, repair and regeneration but in the broader context prevention of neurotrauma is the urgent imperative"...


Reylly P.The impact of neurotrauma on society: an international perspective. Progress in Brain Research. 2007. 161: 3-9.


Neurotrauma Specialized Centers

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A positive correlation between outcomes and the volume of patients seen by a provider has been supported by numerous studies. Volume-outcome relationships have been well documented in the setting of neurotrauma care and have shaped regionalization policies to optimize patient outcomes...

Abbreviated Early Trauma Surgery

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Abbreviated early trauma surgery has been advocated recently as an important issue related to improved outcome in neurotrauma patients. Emerging concepts related to "Damage Control" techniques can be useful in limited and austere resource settings. Improvement of surgical approaches in subespecialties like neurotrauma are essential and need to be taked into account...

New Trends In Surgical Research

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As neurotrauma surgeons and scientists, we must link the field, the bedside, and the bench, if we, as main actors of the neurotrauma scientific community want to continue moving forward to discover the answers to the many questions that remain in this field, and to help develop new therapies to treat this condition at a global level, without dependance of the level of resources...


The Neurotrauma and Global Neurosurgery International Fellowship is designed to train neurological surgeons from low and middle-income countries planning to pursue a clinical career in trauma research and trauma neurosurgery. An additional Global Health focus will be obtained with this training program.

The Fellowship program is part of the NIHR Global Health Research Group on Neurotrauma activities:


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