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The Foundation for Medical Education and Research "MEDITECH" (COLOMBIA), the Barrow Neurological Institute at Phoenix Children's Hospital (USA) and the Global Health Research Group on Neurotrauma from the University of Cambridge (UK) develop this partnership to support the International Fellowship Program in Neurotrauma and Global Neurosurgery.


*Grant support from the National Institute for Health Research of the United Kingdom, MEDITECH Foundation in Colombia and the Barrow Neurological Institute at PCH in USA.

About the Fellowship Program

Clinical Research and Global Health

This fellowship have been designed to build leaders in neurotrauma care into a global health environment, with emphasis on low and middle income settings.


An important component of research training it's also involved as part of the curriculum.

An International Fellowship With Global Surgery Focus

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  • Traumatic brain injuries represent one of the leading contributors to death and disability in worldwide health statistics.

  • Around 80% of the TBI victims are present in low and middle income countries, were resources and training for specialized care are not fully available.

  • Subspecialized medical training allows developing and promoting high quality care. Global neurosurgery programs are urgently needed, in order to support this important task, specially in low resources environments.

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The Neurotrauma and Global Neurosurgery International Fellowship, was launched in 2013 at the XV World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies, World Congress of Neurological Surgery in Seoul (Korea) by Dr. P. David Adelson.

It has been proposed as a model of training for Global Neurosurgery and Neurotrauma for LMIC´s. 

The Neurotrauma Chapter of the Latin American Federation of Neurosurgical Societies has endorsed the training program for the LATAM Region.





The International Neurotrauma Fellowship is a combined academic effort certified by Barrow Neurological Institute at Phoenix Children's Hospital in the United States, the Global Health Research Group in Neurotrauma of the University of Cambridge and the Foundation for Medical Education and Research in Emergency and Disasters in Colombia.


This clinical and research fellowship is based in Colombia and has an international research component based in Cambridge (UK) and Phoenix (USA). This program will provide a unique global health training experience and the ability to obtain expertise in the management of adult and pediatric Neurotrauma patients at a worldwide level.


During the clinical part of the fellowship, the fellow will work full time in Colombia treating acute and chronic neurosurgical disorders related to cranial and spinal neurotrauma. The fellow will participate in advanced research activities as part of the research component of the program within the collaborations with the Barrow Neurological Institute at PCH in USA and the University of Cambridge in UK.


The opportunity to learn the management of neurotrauma in different environments is something that has been advocated by experts and by the World Health Organization (WHO). This fellowship program has been designed to fill gaps in specialized medical training. Fellows will be exposed to global neurosurgery activities, neurotrauma critical care, neurosurgery and clinical research.




Additional emphasis of the fellowship have been directed to clinical research. Several projects that are already running in all the involved institutions will be part of the activities of the new fellows.

Research projects and academic presentations at international neurotrauma meetings will be main areas of skill development for the students of the fellowship.

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